SubSplit provides liquidity to owners of MEP companies and accelerates support to leaders who construct, maintain, and operate critical MEP systems.

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In 2023, a young Kenyan runner set the world record for the marathon with a blistering time of 2 hours and thirty-five seconds. Further, his time splits over the second half of the race were faster than his first. Sub splits.

Successful business owners understand that building a lasting MEP company is a marathon, not a sprint. And at the end of their race, they are looking for a partner to help their company go even further in its next chapter.
This is what we do. It’s baked into our core beliefs of effectively focusing on results and staying diligent until the work is done.

We understand that MEP businesses enable the physical systems that drive our nation’s success, building and maintaining profit critical infrastructure in a rapidly changing environment.

MEP customers are dealing with unpredictable demand surges and they expect us to deliver under increasingly challenging circumstances.

SubSplit is your trusted partner. We help you gain clarity, deliver predictably, and grow consistently in a rapidly-changing world.
As a permanent capital partnership, we solve another problem for owners: who will shepherd my legacy into the next chapter?
We seek out the heroes of the industrial community — the individuals that took capital and built something that produces value, flourishing as it grows. We know these heroes are made of sterner stuff, a sort of sober fearlessness runs through them because they have done hard things and survived.
If this describes you, we are for you and we’d love to meet.

What's in a name?

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